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New version (0.08a) is out!

Here is a list of what got included in this update

Please, don't use your old save files, as a lot of bugs can happen. Game code was changed quite a lot in this update, so you'll need to start a new game to play properly (or you can use this save file).

Where to put the save file:

Mac - Users/Username/Library/RenPy/EarnYourFreedom Win - C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/RenPy/EarnYourFreedom

0.07a changelog:

- Fixed bug with MC's repeating reaction after getting a bigger butt and Ahley's repeating invitation


This game is about a regular teenager guy, who gets kidnapped and is forced to work in the brothel. Play the game to find out what will happen to him and if he'll become an obedient little slut ;)

The game is in early stage of development and now it's just a small demo comparing to the final result I'd like to produce. I have a lot of content planned for the game with a lot of fetishes, possible actions (like different jobs player can choose from) and a lot of options to customize the character (clothes, hairstyles, makeup, plastic surgery, hormonal therapy, etc.). Also, I want the final game to have a non-linear story, where everything depends on the player choices.

Gay/Sissification sex scenes are present in the game, if it's not for you, please don't download.

Please check it out and leave your comments/suggestions.

Also, please check out my Patreon page

Android version is now also available thanks to the66

A note from the66:

from now on my android ports of Ren'Py games have a 2nd, persistent save location like windows. if you uninstall an app, the save files and persistent data remain intact.
therefore the app needs the permission to access the public external storage, because it has to read and write outside its own external storage directories.
you have to grant the permission or the app is shut down.

have fun and please report problems (you can reach me here).

Notice: If you've purchased one of the versions for early access (PC/Mac/Android) and you would like to get it for another platform too, no need to purchase it, just leave a comment and I'll send it to you. Example: You've purchased a PC version, but would like to play it on android too. You don't need to purchase both of the versions, I'll send the other one to you if you let me know that you'd like to have it.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

EarnYourFreedom-(0.08a)-mac+walkthrough.zip 174 MB
EarnYourFreedom-(0.08a)-pc+walkthrough.zip 190 MB
EarnYourFreedom-v(0.08a)-the66.apk 60 MB
EYF(v0.08a) - walkthrough.rtfd.zip 3 kB


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Love the updated content (0.08a), did a full play-through in one go (balls were drained thoroughly by the end).

[Potential Spoilers Ahead]

Issues i noticed:

-When licking Alex's feet, the tongue was not visible in many of the positions, only a faint outline.

- Erika's "Test the new injection" option is available immediately after she is unlocked. Not sure whether or not that's intentional, but being able to do it twice a day, every day, is an easy way to get money.

- Somehow the party with all my old classmates triggered before Tom's second visit. Couldn't replicate this a second time so not sure what allowed it to happen.

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there's an estimate for the new version?

It was delayed a little, will be posting it for early access during this week & 2 weeks after that - for public access :)

Also how do i get the yoga scene?


Just play through it, it will pop up eventually through play.


The scene appears at the late game stage. If you still won't be able to get a yoga scene after playing for a while, please let me know


Where's the new version??... I'm waiting

(1 edit) (+1)

It was delayed a little, need some more time to finish it, will be posting it for early access during the week :)


When will be the update. I've been checking since 21st.

And also, there is a lag when choosing dress from wardrobe and while choosing room after leaving the bedroom. Its was like a 17 sec lag at first. Now its like 30sec or more. No other lag on any scenes. Please consider this.

Thanks for letting me know about it, I'll check what can cause it

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It was delayed a little, need some more time to finish it, will be posting it for early access during the week :)

I'll buy a but plug to play the next version lol

This will definitely be a fun way to play the game ;)

Can the clitty actually grow or what am i supposed to do. I keep doing it with ash and nothing changes. I did the wall maid and mother aswell. Do i just wait?

Just shrink it and be happy :)  (and for your question, I think it's not available yet)

You can't see the changes yet, it will be added in the upcoming update


how do you get released from the cage and progress?

ho w far in the game do i have to be?

love the game so far tho

keep up the good work

Thank you! Glad you like it

You need to play through New Year special event and through all the sex scenes while working at the street to get released from the cage

One of the best games i've ever played.

When will the new version come out?

Thank you :) Glad you liked it!

The update delayed a little, will be posting it for early access during the week :)

This is by far one of the best things ive ever seen, played this game for 5 straight hours and didnt even notice i was playing that long. In the future when we get interactive VR and stuff, games like these are gonna take over <3


Thank you! That's really sweet of you, I'm really glad you had fun with the game :3

good job before this im not even into sissy's but now i am lol

lol glad you liked it ;)

impatient to see the new update!!!!!

Good work!!!


Thank you! Trying my best to release it as soon as possible :)

When is the next update coming?


If no delays, it will be out for early access this weekend

Very nice

when i have the penis enhancement injection i can still be fucked by Valerine

Hey :) Yeah, that is how it's supposed to be :)

Hey i was wondering if there was a walktrough available for 0.08? I looked trough the logs and it looks like you added new scenes and events. I'm currently stuck and have no clue how to remove the cage or progress.

Nvm turns out my game didn't update to the 0.08 version. And was stuck with the 0.07 walktrough. Ended up deleting and reinstalling the game. Glad you added a walktrough with the download of the main game. Most devs wouldn't bother to do something like that. Keep it up

Thank you! Glad everything is fine now :)

Hey, I love your game! Is there any way I can email you to suggest some features being added in the future?

Hey, yeah, of course! You can send it to sweetsissydreams at gmail dot com

Or you could leave them here if you wish :)

Hey, first off I love the game it has been SO much fun to play. I decided to use the cheat to put the cage back on and was wondering if there was a way to get it back off?

Hey :) Glad you enjoyed it! There is no way to take it off again, I didn't add a cheat for that as there is nothing you could really do without the cage in the current version

But if you really want to take it off, you could press Shift+O and type

$ cage = False

But it can probably cause bugs somewhere in the game :)

Hey just curious, but when will the next version come out. I can't wait to play it!

Hey :) Most probably 22nd-24th, but I'll try to release it earlier

The menu options across the bottom keep disappearing and when I restart it auto reloads my last spot with the menu button missing

Hey :) Sorry that you have a problem with the game

I understand it's the android version, unfortunately I can't help you with android issues, but you could ask the66 (the person who made the android port of the game), you can contact them here


Мой самый любимый человек который создал эту игру. Спасибо тебе огромное за твой труд и время. Я тебе уже писал раньше. Постараюсь в конце июня хотя бы 5 долларов тебе прислать. Это просто благодарность за эту игру

That's one of the sweetest comments I've received! Thank you so much, you just made my day! Please, don't worry about sending me anything, your kind words and the fact that you enjoy the game is already a lot for me :3



I would love to try out this game on my Android device but I don't feel comfortable that it wants to access my photos, media, and personal files. Is this intended? Why does it want such permissions?

Many thanks, Daniel

Hey :)

Here is a note about it from the66, who did the adroid port:

"from now on my android ports of Ren'Py games have a 2nd, persistent save location like windows. if you uninstall an app, the save files and persistent data remain intact. therefore the app needs the permission to access the public external storage, because it has to read and write outside its own external storage directories. you have to grant the permission or the app is shut down. have fun and please report problems (you can reach me here)."

Loving the game! Any ideas on when new updates are coming? Exited to play more!


Hey :) Glad you like it! I'm going to release the next update in the middle of the month for early access and 2 weeks later - for public access

Oh great :) i cant wait to play! I also really enjoy your sissy trainer game! I showed it to my owners and they will be enjoying watching me play <3 

Glad you liked that game also :) I hope your owners will have a lot of fun watching you fuck yourself into orgasm while playing the game ;)

This game is amazing although I seem to be stuck in a loop where nothing important to the story happens. Other than that it's a really well made game

I just got out of it but I can't find gym clothes

Thank you!

You get stuck in the loop only until you trigger the next important event and then the story can progress again (you could check out the walkthrough (I've just uploaded here with the game files) to help you find the next event). As fo the gym clothes, you can buy them in the clothes shop, they look like this

Thank you for replying. Right now I'm struggling with the maid outfit. I'm wearing it but I can't go to the bj room. Unless I'm thinking of the wrong room. Which one is the bj room?


Never mind I was thinking of the wrong thing. It's amazing that this is still a demo. Your very talented

You should upload a video walkthrough

Thank you! That really nice of you to say that :)

Is there any way to restart the game, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that hasn't seemed to work

Yeah, just go to the main menu and press start :) The game will start from the beginning

There doesn't seem to be a button to get back to the menu

Could you tell me please, are you using an android version or PC/Mac?


Unfortunately I can't help you with android issues as I don't have any android devices, but you could ask the66 (the person who made the android port of the game), you can contact them here

press save, on the text bar.

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This game is pretty good :) , thanks for the hard work.

I can no longer wait for the second and some scenes maybe with romance with Ashley :3

Since I saw that you were asking others, the only bug I found is that when making the decisions sometimes you could not read what it said and you had to move the cursor to see the text.

Pd: Greetings from Chile uwu

Pd2: It would be a great happiness if you responded to this comment Owo


Thank you! I'm really glad you like the game :)

Sorry it took a while to reply

Also thank you for letting me know about the menu choices problem

As for the romance with Ashley, I'll probably add an ending focused on that in the future ;)


thanks for taking the time to reply ;)


how do i open the walkthrough archive?


Sorry it took a while to reply, you can get the walkthrough here:


No archive, just a text file


ty, i love your game :)


Glad you like it :)

Hello I am really a big fan of your amazing game when are you going to release the new version I really can't wait

Sorry it took a while to reply, 

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you like the game!

I don't have a fixed date for the next one, but I release the new updates once every 1-2 months :)

As soon as I have a more certain date for the next one, I'll make an announcement :)


Nice game .... keep up the good work .... thank you

Thank you! Happy you like it :)


Hi! Just wanted to say, great game. I haven't played it all the way through yet. But I really hope there is some romance option with Ashley down the line. I hope I'm not alone in really wanting a sissy x sissy relationship. I think some true "romance" in this game would also make it way more of an experience for the players. Just my two cents though. Other then that and a few expected bug, awesome game, thank you for putting the time and effort into it! 


Hey :) Yeah, there will probably be a storyline like that in the future updates

Thank you! Glad you liked the game :)

If that's not too much to ask, could you please tell me what bugs did you encounter, so I could fix them?

Hey! Some have been mentioned already. But one «bug» that confused me was the fact that I could return to the lab and get the experimental injection again and again without it doing much other then give you that dream. I don’t know if this is intended or not.

Oh, thank you for letting me know about this one :)

The injection gives the dream and a couple of days later MC becomes so horny, that you can wait for a client in the room and get a sex scene

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey developer.. i played your game and its very interesting.. i think you should fix this problem..the problem is after we change the hair style and color..its same in previous scenarios..like gloryhole and the room events.. and no modifications are shown in previous scenarios which are from version 0.7. so u should work on that too..and the story is interesting and keep it up..good work and good luck bro.. i love your game


Hey :) I'm glad you liked the game!

As for the modifications, those options for other scenes will be added in the future versions, as it takes quite some time to add all of the options :)

Ok thats good..ands its better if you add the replay sences every time in the scence section..

I'm going to add the replay option too :


I loved your game!!! continue hard work!!

Its great!!!


Thank you! :3


Your game is great! Give us more feet content, the drawings are so hot :)


Thank you! Glad you like it :) Any specific characters you'd like to see involved in the foot fetish scenes except MC?


Maybe more scenes with Alex, or with random clients :)

I am not able to go ahead after buying a medium dildo. any suggestions what activities i should do to continue with the game. please help. I am playing 0.08 version

Hey, you need to play through the gym events to progress :)

When will the update

Sorry, don't have a fixed date yet for the next one, but I upload new updates for the game once every 1-2 months

Also i would love to see some fisting action and many more outfits to chose from. A cheat button for removing your cage would be nice too. thanks

I plan to add some fisting scenes, but I think it would be some updates later :) As for the cheat to take off the cage, I've decided not to include it as there is not so much stuff to do without the cage except the story events

Hey i was wondering how often does the game get updated. I really love the game and would love to get more than just the white toy and the vibe. Thanks

I'm glad you like it :) The new update comes out every 1-2 months

Здраствуйте, ваша игра супер, но добавьте пожалуйста в игру русский язык. Если для этого нужна определенная сумма денег, скажите сколько

Hello! I'm planning to add other languages to the game, but only after the most of the game is complete. As it's in active development stage right now, a lot of things can change, including texts, as I plan to rework most of them and that will require the same parts of the game to be translated multiple times. So for now, I'm releasing only English version. But I think there are some people working on the unofficial Russian translation. I can't give you the links as it's unofficial and I I can't be sure if it's safe or not to download it, but if you still interested in checking it out, you can find it you google "Earn Your Freedom Rus" :)

hello i was hoping for some help i cannot get the salon to work or any injections besides the lip or the one that gives breast that lactate for only one day but nothing else works i have gone to the street and think i have done something wrong or missed something so am restarting and was hoping for advice on how to unlock those features

Hey :) Salon modifications and injections get unlocked closer to the late game and in the beginning it's not possible to use them

Right now only these will work: clit enlargement (only for the storyline, no effects in this update), breasts size modifications, lips enhancement (in the beginning of the game) and lactation, and in the salon you'll be able to only change  hairstyle & color

Hair modifications get unlocked after MC gets bigger ass/hips and breasts modifications get unlocked after getting bigger breasts while training with Craig

Hope it helps, if you still can't progress, please let me know :)

thank you

Wow. New update is so cool.  You are my hero) Do you love something like "Licking toilets"? and, maybe, in future it will be add in game?) 

Thank you! Glad you like the update :) I might add something like that in the future, but I can't tell for sure yet

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