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This is by far my favorite lewd game, the best I have ever played. 

I really like how, again and again, something new surprises you and keeps you longing to find out how the next dirty storyline folds out.

I hab a lot of fun the last two nights playing through all the scenes ;)


Also thank you for including foot fetish scenes! I think those were some of the best and are often forgotten in other games. The first scene with Alex was fabulous; worshipping her feet would deserve it's own storyline. Maybe seeing her in the gym and having to worship her sweaty socks... :)

And there has to be a way to get under the dominas heels! Also can't wait for the high heels in the clothes shop.

Customizable cages and anal plugs would be nice aswell; all in all the variety in the shop can never be big enough :D and nails at the salon maybe

What really got me was the fact you managed to include so many fetishes, I really didn't expect the squirting scene for example, or the lactation - they were great - and think it's nice to get people to maybe discover new sides of (maybe their) sexuality this way, so I would definitely include as many more as you can.

My suggestions would be fisting/footing/gaping/prolapses (the bigger bad dragon style dildos need to come! and maybe a fucking machine too :D ), armpits, incest (as far as fucking the step-mom/sis counts), urethral sounding and yes, even scat, to get into really perverse sissy dreams :P

And to end my wishlist: an alternative main character, who doesn't try to convince himself he is a man and wants to get out, but embraces it and enjoys the time and will never get out of chastity and will never get out of the brothel and willingly does all the crazy stuff! Many of us players could probably emphasize a lot with such a character, who wants to do all this but just doesn't has the confidence to until he gets forced and finally loves it and becomes the perfect sissy bimbo slut for bbc.

So I know all this is a lot and you have your own plans for the game I guess, but I loved it and just wanted to give you some input about what I personally would like to see more of. I hope this didn't sound too demanding overall... just hope this maybe inspired you or something haha

When do you think a full game will be released

I cannot play the game for 0.11 because it errors out. i have deleted the files and reinstalled many times and it keeps showing up as my old saves. why cant i even grab the file and Delete it too start fresh? because everytime i  try the old files are still there! please help 

Sorry, you have the errors, you don't need to delete anything if you run the latest update and choose to start a new game from the main menu, it should work fine

The only way you should be getting errors is if you try to play an old save

If you start a new game and still get errors, please let me know :)


 good to know...I have faced the same...I will start over from the beginning and see what happens..

any idea when next update might release? 100% love the game best one ever.

Thank you!

I'm planning to release the next update in February

Really enjoyed what's available so far! Would you consider doing a full sex change path in the future? (perhaps even forced?)


Thank you! Glad you've enjoyed it :) Yeah, I might add an path like that

Will you consider adding heels in the next update? It would be really hot to make mc wear them. It really completes the sissy look

Not sure if I add heels in the next one, but I'm definitely planning to add them to the game at some point :)

great game! I think i did all rhe scenes! waiting for more. Keep up the good work

Thank you :3

If you are not sure if you've unlocked all the scenes, you could check out the "scenes" menu from MC's room


hey loving the game it’s totally addictive amazing job! 

Just wondered about a couple of things you might consider adding? Maybe the ability to choose your own cage one you are unlocked and decide whether to buy a new one? Different colours and styles? Other idea was maybe a bbc only pathway... maybe you can be encouraged by a black client to buy a QOS tattoo from the shop above your clit and then when you wear it it means white customers have to pay double but black ones don’t pay at all! Or something like that! Hope you like my ideas! 


Thank you! Glad you like it :)

And thank you for the ideas, I'm planning to add some variations for the cage at some point :) As for the other idea, not sure if I'll add something like that :)

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can someone help me i am stuck at this game.

don t know what to do after i unlocked the street level and did all the scenes on the streets

You could check the scenes screen from the MC's room and click on the locked scenes to get hints on how to unlock them and progress

If it doesn't help, please let me know :)

Are you still working on this game? And also do you plan on adding more feet scenes?

Yes, working on it :) Yeah, I'll definitely add some more feet scenes when I'll come up with something nice, but not sure in which update exactly. If you have any wishes/ideas for such scenes, please, feel free to share, and I might add it ;)

after the initial unlocking of the clit, is there another chance to remove the cage?


Yes. At some point you can get this option, at a cost and for a limited time each week.

This does raise a question if a more permanent option will be available in the future..

I'll probably add a way to stay without the cage at all at some point for those who choose the dominant route

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This is one of my favourite things to jerk off to.

I love the new changes in 0.11b, you've really added some great content. Looking forward to the next update.

Thank you <3 Really glad you like it!

is there any discord server based on your games ? 

Yes :) Here is the invite :3

Great game so far, just wanted to point out a few minor issues~

There are occasional spelling mistakes in the dialogue and narration. Additionally, the clothing is unlabeled in the shop and bedroom "wardrobe", leading to difficulty finding the gym clothes. I didn't realize scrolling in the shop was an option for far longer than I'd care to admit. 

Also, what if you mark the actions that will lead to new story events and/or label the actions that don't advance the story and instead will loop forever? Either one will help the player avoid getting stuck!

Thank you very much for the idea, marking the actions that would get you something new could really help with the progression, I'll need to come up with a good way for it

As for the clothes, I'll add a better indication in the next update, as quite a lot of people couldn't find the gym clothes

And I'll be working on fixing the text with each update, so it should become better and better with each update :) Thank you!

How far does the story go 

At this point - pretty far, the latest events in the game you can unlock are becoming a maid for a couple and starting to do some work on the way to becoming a porn star

You can check the "scenes" screen to see if you have unlocked everything :)

What does arousal do?

It's more of a placeholder, for now, it only influences a couple of masturbation choices in the beginning (if arousal is not high enough, MC will go to sleep instead of masturbating)

it keeps running into a error screen for some reason 

Most probably, it's because you've used an old save file. If you've started the game from the beginning or used the save file from the downloads and got the error, please let me know :)


i unlocked the gym now im stuck help plz

Stuck how? It's kind of straightforward. Talk to the trainer, go buy sport clothes after they get unlocked, and do some sport sessions for awhile until a change occurs

There are no clothes unlocked tho

You need to scroll the clothes menu to find them; the "gym clothes" group is the last one in the list :)


Thank you

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I just got to this point as well and remembered the beginning of this thread. I'd recommend space for arrows at the top or bottom of the clothes menu to scroll up or down  or just a simple scroll bar to the left of the clothing categories to represent that because I don't think the game so far has had you use the scroll wheel at all so I didn't even think to use it.                  

I see now there is a scroll bar but would recommend a different color for the bar to the background so it doesn't just look like a gradient line splitting the categories from the options. Maybe a Red or even just black.

Thank you for the suggestion :) I'll definitely do something about it in the next update

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Best Game in My Life!! I wanna get next update ASAP! :D

Thank you <3 I'm happy you like the game :)

If your having issues finding where to put the save file on windows 10. go to C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\EarnYourFreedom delete all old saves since they wont work anymore and put in new save. you might have to look between roaming or local but you should be able to find it then!

Thank you! I've added the info to the description :)

in what day cage will be unlocked?Because i am plaing at 144 day and nothing changes

The days count won't influence anything, to get the cage unlocked, you'll need to progress through the game events :)

love all the new outfits, wish I could see the rear view, bent over ect.   Also I do miss the incest them a lot, otherwise great work please keep it goin!

Thank you! Really glad you like it :3

Hi I'm just started this game and I seem to be running to errors I think some files might be missing 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/scripts/butt-wall room.rpy", line 522, in <module>
NameError: name 'legs' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scripts/butt-wall room.rpyc", line 522, in script
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 1832, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 2059, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 2052, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/scripts/butt-wall room.rpy", line 522, in <module>
NameError: name 'legs' is not defined

EarnYourFreedom (0.11b)
Wed Dec 23 16:55:42 2020

As well as this one
I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/scripts/pay day.rpy", line 918, in <module>
NameError: name 'lips' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scripts/pay day.rpyc", line 918, in script
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 1832, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 2059, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\EarnYourFreedom-(0.11b)-pc\renpy\", line 2052, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/scripts/pay day.rpy", line 918, in <module>
NameError: name 'lips' is not defined

EarnYourFreedom (0.11b)
Wed Dec 23 16:39:53 2020

Hi, sorry you are having this error. Could you tell me please, have you been using any old saves, or did you start a new game?

Hi I started a new game.

I've found the reason for the error, I'll add a fix in the upcoming version, for now, if you run into it again, you could rollback and progress through the game events to the point where MC gets a bigger ass, and the problem should go away :) Sorry about the inconvenience

I am not able to download it

Sorry, you are having problems with the download. Could you tell me what the problem is, please, so I could help you? Do you get an error message?  You should be able to download the game by pressing the button "Download Now". You could also download the game from my Patreon page (free)

are you able to increase penis size or does it always end the same way?

Yes, you can increase it, it can stay the same size, or it can become smaller, depending on your actions during the injection :)

will we eventually be able to replay the scenes in the viewer?

You can replay them in the latest update :) Just click any unlocked scene, and you'll be able to watch it again


k thanks

Is it just me, or did the whole start of the game change? The MC's backstory seems different. Or did that change in a previous version?


Changed in the latest update :)

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V 0.11 is not good Alex is not good looking in pussy 😫😫 I like Alex's dick 

tbh I like it too, but when I added it, I completely forgot about the previous scenes where she was already shown with a strap-on. But I think I'll add the scene where she has a dick as MC's dream :)

So next update you will add Alex dick please ?


Yes :)

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I've downloaded the new version and the save file, and it may be a dumb question, but how do I use the save file in game? I can't find it in the loading screen.

Where to put the save file:

Mac - Users/Username/Library/RenPy/EarnYourFreedom

Win - C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/RenPy/EarnYourFreedom




There's a small bug where while you can't get Erika to collect cum the usual way, if you ask for the hypno session later in the day it will "forget" that you're cageless.

Thank you very much for noticing! Will fix that :)

Love the new variety of clothes, would like to have the option to save favorite combinations for repeated use


That's actually a really cool idea! Thank you, I might add it in one of the updates :)

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When are we going to get to use all sex toys

I'll be adding them little by little with the new updates as soon as I come up with some nice scene ideas for the toys

I cant get pictures on my new download please advise

Sorry, not sure what you mean, do you have missing images in the game? Or is it something else?


At a rate of 210,- bucks per week, it would take a little over 9 years to fully pay off your dad's debt -of course that's only if the MC's payment applies; since your mom and sister are also there, do they also contribute to the repayment? Individually or only as a couple?

If you continue to p*ss off your debtor -by resisting too much- will the weekly amount be increased, or will it simply stay constant at 210,-?

And will you ever see your mom and sister again?

The payment will eventually go up regularly to keep MC motivated :)

Yes, planning to add scenes with Amanda/Jennifer

Hi, thanks for amazing app)) 

When we ll can download 0.11b vers for Android? 🤔

Thanks for attention..

Thank you! Glad you like it!

It's available now for 1 day early access, will be available for public (free) access tomorrow :)

Hi,i could help you with Russian translation)

Thank you 💕


Is it android problem that MC always has the same haircut during cut scenes?

No, sorry about that, still working on adding the variations to all the scenes

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@SissyDreams how do i get the sports clothes enter the gym? and i cant get any other story parts to continue at this time due to previous issue. vers 0.10b

Sport clothes are red-ish shorts and a small cyan (bluish) top, you can buy them at the clothes shop :)

Do i have to complete all scene to get the ending or the game are just endless cuz I don't know what to do after the 2nd naomi meeting all the scene in everyplace was repeated

yes, it is endless :) you can see if you've unlocked everything in the scenes menu that you can access from MC's room

Hi!I could help you with Russian translation)

Hello :) I really appreciate your offer, but there is already an unofficial Russian translation done by MAKeevchanin, you can find the translated game here :) (As the translation is unofficial, please download it at your own risk, can't be sure if it's safe)

but it’s 0.10 version

MAKeevchanin usually translates it pretty quickly after the public version comes out, but if you'd like to translate it too, please contact me through email sweetsissydreams gmail com or discord SissyDreams#4276, so I could send you the translation files :)

Hi! If you're interested in an italian translation I'd be really glad to help, I love the game!

Hi! Thank you for your offer, I really appreciate it! Could you send me an email to sweetsissydreams gmail com, please? So I could send you the files for translation. Or you could also contact me through discord if you like (SissyDreams#4276) :)

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