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at what day the game ends

Currently no ending implemented


I'm stuck can anybody tell me what clothes do we have to wear to get in to gym

You need to wear the "Gym Clothes"

got it thanks, can you help I'm stucked  why naomi is not visiting my mc

You should take a look into the walkthrough RTF files, guess you missed a point. But could also be a bug, this game is still in development.

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Does anybody know how many sex toys are currently available cause for me its the vibrator, regular dildo, and double side but is there any more


Do you know how to get in gym what cloth do we have to wear

Not yet implemented.

Когда выйдет перевод на русский 0.13а

Hello, I have been playing this game for some time, and I have been reading the walkthrough offered along the dowload options, and then I found that some of it depends on the path you select with Naomi...

I have read in past comments about opening a developer console by pressing Shift+O, but it is not opening any console where I could enter the command to change the value for Naomi's routes. And i even tried with all the other keys on the keyboard but only letters which make something were A, Shift+G, F ?, Shift+C, and V.

I am playing version 0.13a on Windows.


I can't get to naomi how did you get her

Bro, you should stop to spam all questions here.


hola, les comparto la traduccion al español que hice:

Hello, I share the translation into Spanish that I did:

Can anyone help me out i want saved files and where to put them on android device i lost my old phone so need new saved files again please help if anyone can .


Next update

“I haven’t seen my meat beaten like this since taco night at James Earl Jones’ house”


It would be nice if you could remove the cage in cheats could you put it in the next update please ?

Probably not, bc it could break the game. There is event for taking off cage. after it there is another to take it off every week.

Deleted 8 days ago

This game is really interesting but right now I'm stuck, currently, I am at the part where I am supposed to grow my penis however I missed the week deadline because I was doing something else, now the week is passed and it's small, the game acts like my penis is unlocked but it's still locked, the only person who I can interact with is Ashley and when I go to the butt room there is no option to interact there just work and look, and even when a week is passed the game says that I still have the injection, any help?

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How to unlock both dominant and submissive paths on one save?

Not possible. For the game you can't be versatile.

Wait, there a sub & dom path?

I thought the game was purely linear this whole time...

Can you share how to take dom path ?


After you unlock some events, there would be random event that makes you choose how you want to act. I don't remember it well it was like 22 days ago. I probably had this choise in the late game.

Do you how to use save file on Android?

Once Naomi (shemale) visits you the 2nd time, you have a choice to be either more dominant or submissive


This game is a lot of fun, i love the customization options and the sense of helplessness. Its pretty grindy and repetitive, but I've played through it a few times. This game is so much more fun than the lust game that is currently being worked on, thiugh that one is decent too.

Lust game?

the lust of sissy boy, i couldnt remember the name at the tine, sorry

Do you know how to use the saved files on Android


hello when does the next update come out?


I guess it’s time to the MC get castrated. Why keep the MC with that nasty testicles?


the PP makes it cuter

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Just the testicles… not the penis…


How to fuck Sophia


and when are all the sex toys a out because there is only 3


hello i was gowing to aks way is there a penis reduction if you can't get it

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I haven't played in awhile so I don't remember the steps, but at some point you'll be able to ask the lab girl about increasing the size of your benis.

She'll give  you a drug & tell you that you'll need to fuck 3 girls (I think someone said the femboys & girls in the wall room counts) to get bigger but if you get fucked or ingest cum it'll get smaller.

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Explain the ending please.....


there will be no ending!



Hello, so I'm stuck. Can anyone tell me how to reduce the penis in the game. Thanks in advance 

I haven't played in awhile so I don't remember the steps, but at some point you'll be able to ask the lab girl about increasing the size of your benis.

She'll give  you a drug & tell you that you'll need to fuck 3 girls (I think someone said the femboys & girls in the wall room counts) to get bigger but if you get fucked or ingest cum it'll get smaller.

love the game so far, good work <3


Hello everyone, I am currently playing this for my first time and am currently stuck. I can only have clients visit me and giving blow jobs/rim jobs, visit the gloryhole and give a blowjob, visit the lab and do the hypno/cum extraction, 1 dildo from the sex shop, only eye make up in the salon, and worship Alex's feet. I am unable to move forward, can anyone assist me with moving forward in the story??? Thank you very much! Love the game so far!!


visit the butt-wall room every so often, there's a story-line there, also the gym (it gets added to the menu at a point relatively early on).


thank you very much! I am almost finished with it, the last thing I'm on is waiting for jennifer to forgive me. Also can't wait for the next update so I can continue the BDSM storyline

You need to go to sleep without any sexual action, Jennifer will join you then.

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I just played the game for my first time. The content you have done until now is awesome!! It hits all my buttons when it comes to sissy content. The slow mental and physical transformation, the motives for the changes and best of all, the internal dialogs of the MC when facing with something new.

I just have two ideas to add (game's yours, you do what you want):

- You could make a scene at the start where Alex takes us to shave permanetly at the laboaratory or something. But since you wanna introduce the lab later, maybe she can just give you something so that your body hair will fall, without having to go to the lab. (I loved the body changing tech by the way).

- Also, the new hair changes your appearence too much depending on which you choose. Maybe there could be an internal dialog reacting to your new appearence, with maybe some unceartainty....or not. And maybe a initial motive to accept the idea of having a girl hair style. At the current point of the game when hair styles are unlocked, It's very believable for the character accept the new look with the new hair, but there's no insite on what's going on the MC's mind when making the first decision to change looks.

I would support the idea of just letting your hair grow, but since the time in the game is day-by-day, it would be too slow, unless you finnd a way of making your hair grow faster and then you unlock new hairstyles according to the current hair length


This game is great, I loved it.

good job brother keep going 

We want another update soon

Now i am a biggest fan of your game



so what should there be added: cumflation futa also gender option sizes and edit

I need to fuck 3 people for my penis enlargment but i can find only 2 and sophie wants me to lick the MC cum, where is the third person?

remember that other sissy girls count as girls

For some reason the bottom option like save or quick load isn't in my game, do you know why? (I'm on android)

Try clicking with both fingers.

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isn't there anyway to get my dick to be bigger I've tried so many times 

or i wasn't meant to have one?

I guess it time to the MC getting castrated

Is it possible to visit Alex to worship her feet if you're using an older save? I don't see any option to visit her. What am I missing?


go to the office where the boss is and there will be an option to visit alex instead

Well here's a bug. it's probably just a typo


It would be nice if  you make the MC embrace that she is a sissy slut and would ask the boss to be the boss's toy or something like that 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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so i have a few suggestions for future content i hope you don't mind first is for a bit of cosmetic surgery to make the MCs face look more girly like jaw chin and cheek bones second I'd like to see some piercings added and third i think you should add the injections to the cheat list just for experimentation  last but not least is a quick outfit selector or auto change needing to go and change cloths all the time is kinda annoying  

Yeah and to add more lip injection

love the new content in 0.13. One question, What does “Hypno Research” do? Does it have a mind-control plot in future expansion?

Also, Jennifer is stil angry with mc even after many (in game) months of waiting. Is it a bug or I just have to wait for next update?


Go to bed and sleep and jennifer will come

Thanks. I was stuck forever on this.

Any idea if “Hypno Research” does anything in gameplay?

Nop. It was just a short part in the story

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Does the game support penis -> pussy transformation yet? I assume thats what the penis reduction surgery would do, but cant seem to unlock it yet. 

Also with the yoga instructor are there 2 shirts? Even with the second "underboob" shirt it says new shirt unlocked but there isn't a third sports shirt in the store. Not sure if there's something more after that?

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Is there a walkthrough for version 0.13?

Also, what are the street whore dress clothes? I can't seem to figure out the right combo of clothes.

Look in the same tab as the maid outfit and it's the pink dress

Finish the game for now in both sides on history, nice job i glad with there more scenes with Naomi and pegs one!

hay i was wondering if you can make a way to look at all the scenes without the text because thay make for really good images by them selfs

Love the new content in 0.13

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