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hi, i asked how i to activate the two players mode, is it possible?

I really love this game thank you. Could you tell me more simple steps how to run it in linux. thank you again.



Not really a "game"; just a virtual boardgame which gives you real world commands.


be real useful if there was a way to copy the links it gives you, or at least an option to option them in incognito mode


hehe nice


will there be any more updates for this game


could you please make it playable in browser?


Can't promise, but I'll look into it for how to do it :)


hey i really enjoy ur content i just have a suggestion for earn your freedom can u add more rooms and more things do in those room and that horse cock dildo maybe add that

curious if this one will come out for linux at all in the future?
Earn Your Freedom is good stuff, and this board game idea sounds interesting. Either way, keep up the good work. oWo

Thank you :)

Not sure how it all works, but when I port the game, it says PC&Linux, so I'm assuming that the pc one should work on Linux, but I'm not sure as I can't test it :) I hope that it'll work for you

I've also added the Linux icon for the one that should work on Linux :)

Interesting concept.


Thank you :)

Deleted 68 days ago

Sorry about that, there is a fix available now :)


Okay, I played it fora bit to check some things... and I came to the conclusion that I'm not fit to be a sissy.  I'd rather fuck 'em tho


:D that's a perfectly good choice! The more people who'd like to fuck sissies - the better ;)

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i played your game and it's really fun  :3   
do you intend to translate it into other languages someday?


thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Yes, but closer to the final version


I'm on android, sometimes the screen gets black after watching Hypno videos and get back the game. So I need to start over.

There is no way to go back to main screen after starting endless mode. Sometimes I just want to add/remove one of the tasks. 

Will you add more tasks with update 0.4? Please do :)

And thank you for sharing the game with us :)


Hey :) Sorry it took a while to reply, unfortunately, there is no way to remove a task without restarting the game

- Will you add more tasks with update 0.4? Please do :)

Yeah, I'll definitely add more, if you have any wishes, and would like to see certain tasks added to the game, please let me know :)

As for the black screen error, sorry you are having it, I'll take a look at what could have been causing it


Can you share your contact? (e-mail etc.)

I want to share some ideas wth you :)


Sorry, I somehow missed your comment :)

You can contact me through email sweetsissydreams at or discord


i didn't know this was a board game

having troubles with the Mac book version. every time I load the game it has an exception occurred?

Sorry you've had problems with it

I think I've found what was the problem

One of the translation files that I've generated was causing this error

I've deleted it and it should work now :)

Please, let me know if you still get any errors


thank you so much


get windows pc


Crash on start, some scripts error


Working after pc restart :>

Thank you for letting me know, glad it's working now :)

is it releasing today ?


Yeah, you can download it now :)

can't wait for the 0.3 version to release for free ...


Free now ;)

any plan on releasing 0.3 version for free ?

Yeaahh.. i hope they would release a free one


Hey! Sorry it took a while to reply, yeah, I will be releasing it this Saturday ;)

when I try installing the android version it just keeps telling me 'app not installed' would you know how I can fix this?

Hey, sorry it took a while to reply, if you are still having a problem with an android version, you could try installing the other option from the zip archive (if you've installed "SissyTrainer(0.2).apk" you could try installing "SissyTrainer(0.2)for-older-devices.apk" or vice versa)

I'm looking forward to the Android version.

It's available already, but for early access, will be posting it for public access on Friday :)


One week early access now :)

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Hey i was looking through the files and saw some stuff for a jail. Ive looked everywhere in the game but cant find the jail. Is it part of the game yet? Also there are some things for a callgirl which i cant find either. Some info on either of these would be appreciated 

Sorry, I'm not sure what could that be

Are you talking about Sissy Trainer files? If yes, what version of the game were you looking at and what files? I'll need to take a look at them to be able to clarify :)

as you can see, the image files are there but as far as i know arent in the game yet.

That's a completely different game :)

It appears that I accidently chose the same name for my game

here, I found it on


Bluh my bad man


It doesnt work

The android version is available now

If you have any problems with it, please let me know here in the comments or send an email to sweetsissydreams at gmail dot com

Before you can install the game, you'll need to unzip it

Have fun ;)


Hi there, cant we get a name your own price android version. Thanks

Hey :) I will be posting it for public access (free) next Friday :)

Hello.... Still working on the android version of this gane dev?... Luv earn ur freedom btw...

Hello :) Thank you! Glad you like EYF :)

Finally finished the android version, just posted it with the others

Will be posting it for public access on Apr 24th

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Hey with this lockdown... we really need an android version of this game.. when is it coming 


Hey :)Right now I'm working on version 0.2 and after I finish working on it, I'll also post an android version :) So it should be out soon

it doesn't even work download it and it's just a bunch of random files 

I've just downloaded both of the versions to check and everything is working. If you are using mac, you need to download and unpack it and then run and if you are on PC, then you'll need to download, unpack it and then run SissyTrainer.exe inside SissyTrainer-0.1-pc folder. Hope it helps, if not, please let me know

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When i downloaded this, i saw that the board its self is terrifyingly large, but very. . . rewarding ;3 i found myself needing a break every 30 minutes. it definitely tests your endurance as well as your mental ability, you should add a two player mode though, would definitely be better for those that don't have the ones with suction cups, plus it would add a sense of challenge. 

the art is cute but could be designed better, maybe like put it on a tabletop and change the way the board looks, maybe a spiral or maybe a more chutes and ladders look. 8/10

the game play its self is rather witty, though i do suggest adding more quotes to each type of space instead of "lets fuck your sweet ass" on each space, a bit more diversity there would be nice though the positions it tells you are rather creative but i do suggest that you add a reminder if you land on a risk space or a humiliation space and then land on something else. 9/10

I'd usually put story here, but as this is a board game there is none so 10/10 yay!

all in all, it's not bad for both practicing and training yourself for new horizons, maybe even test some of the positions you learn from this with that special someone *wink wink* i give your game a 9/10 take a look into some things i mentioned if you want to, please remember that everything i said is merely a suggestion, not a "do this or i will end your career!" have a nice day!

edit 1: just wanted to make sure that you were aware that on some spaces it would say something from the previous space and sometimes the die would not count its roll.


I'm glad you likes the game :) Yeah, the game can really test your endurance lol

I had a two player mode in mind, and I'm surely going to add it if I'll decide to make a new version of the game. And if I will do it, I have a lot of stuff that can be added to the game on my mind (like randomly generated customizable board where you could choose how common should be each type of task, also maybe playing different scenarios for example a board themed as a magic world and when you roll you can encounter different creatures and depending on what creature that is, you get certain type of task to do, etc). Current version is very simplistic as it was created during a day just for fun :)

For some reason (I couldn't figure why) it does like that and sometimes it can show the same roll over and over. But if that happens you should try reloading the game, it should help.

Thank you for your comment! That was really nice of you and I really like your ideas :) You too have a nice day


can you make this for android?


Sorry, somehow I missed your comment, I plan to add an android version after updating the game to ver0.02 :)